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Cosmova is a foreign trade and consulting company based in Istanbul. After completing the preparation period in 2017, our company has started its operations in 2018. We provide consultancy for the export and import of technological products. Our priority in the export consultancy is the local companies which produce domestically. 


We attach great importance to the exports of the products of our local companies. We also provide consultancy services for the newly established firms of new entrepreneurs and SMEs to get into the international market. We aim to increase trade volumes by contributing to the globalization of those companies while producing added value on the one hand thanks to high value-added products. To ensure you grow through exporting, we are here to provide for you for any kind of support, service or solution you need.

Our Services

  • Foreign Trade Consultancy
  • Market Research
  • Market Strategy
  • Corporate Preparation
  • International Advertisement Strategy
  • Incentive Strategy
  • Inter-firm Communication


Foreign Trade Consultancy

We help you plan and prepare for your foreign trade adventure.

Looking for opportunities to grow? You want to open up to new markets and export, but you don't know where to start? Do you already export but want to explore new markets?

At Cosmova, we prepare you for a foreign trade adventure from start to finish. We are here for you for the market research, the market reports, the identification of target countries, the analysis of competition, the creation and implementation of the road to market strategies, marketing planning, the identification of incentive strategies, the establishment of joint ventures, and more.

What are your risks? Which countries are risk or advantage for you? What is the potential? How will you enter into the market? How to do the right marketing? How is an international advertisement strategy determined? What are the barriers to entry?

What should be the price policy? How will you send the goods or procurement services? What are customs, certification and legal requirements? How should a marketing strategy be? How to contact companies? Do you have internal resources or how does your need of outsourcing support meet?

We are ready to help you answer all these questions.

Benefits of Receiving This Service from Our Company
  • The rapid development of your foreign trade
  • Reduction of risks
  • Successful market research
  • Working with the team of experts
  • Experience in the market strategy
  • Detailed strategic consultancy

Market Research

Know the market, Know the potential, Know the challenges

With the first market research, you can reach ‘opportunity analysis’ in of your products.

This is the first consultation process in which we introduce which products or services are included in which market segment and which country or countries they address and the conditions of competition?

We investigate the import and export potentials, investment opportunities, the opportunities and risks of countries in the target market.

We prepare a report that includes results regarding market size, opportunities and challenges, competition and SWOT analysis.

As a result of this report, you can decide whether to continue with the Market Strategy.

Benefits of Receiving This Service from Our Company
  • Expert analysis
  • In-depth market knowledge
  • Cost-effective evaluation of the target market
  • Save time and money with professionalization
  • Fixed price list
  • Fast communication

Market Strategy

With this service, we conduct detailed research and analysis of markets. We define the steps to be taken for the success of your export and we develop a strategic plan.

We offer a complete export strategy by combining the market research with the market strategy, while conducting a complete, ready-to-use market analysis.

The market strategy includes the following steps:

The expansion of research, after the first research is approved,
The Identification of potential customers, distributors, authorities and influencers,
The elaboration of the marketing strategy
The exploration and evaluation of the opportunities.
The identification of potential traps.
The performing a deeper competition analysis including market shares, sizes, sales and distribution installations.
The providing the financial analysis

Benefits of Receiving This Service from Our Company

  • A comprehensive report with the market details
  • Defined clear objectives
  • Fixed price list
  • A complete market entry strategy
  • Potential investment opportunities
  • Expert analysis

Corporate Preparation

Increase your international credibility.

It is a very important service provided to you in terms of preparing your company for export and following all the necessary processes.

Prepare for the success in export.

Imagine a salesperson visiting you to introduce a new product or service, but all documents are in a different language. Is it possible to buy this product? How can you be sure that your requirements are met?

When you start exporting, you will need to translate all relevant documents (website, brochures, advertisements and other promotional materials, etc.) into the languages of your targeted countries. Our qualified translators will do this for you. It doesn't cost you a fortune, but it's as precious as gold!

Monitoring the certification processes of your products will eliminate the obstacles to access to market.

Benefits of Receiving This Service from Our Company
  • Professional appearance
  • Increase in sales
  • Development of the customer service
  • Recognition and reliability in the market
  • You can comply with the legal requirements for the documents, labels, CE and other regulations.

International Advertisement Strategy

Open your brand to new audiences with our international digital marketing services.

You can improve your brand, products and services in your new international market and achieve profitable results. Our international digital marketing services offer the perfect strategy and implementation for your business.

Our search engine optimization specialists have extensive international reach. We help you track the changes in your competitors and create key search factors that Google, Bing, Yandex and other search engines take into account. We ensure that your website is ranked well in the search results of market countries.

Do you have aggressive growth plans? Then paid search marketing can be an ideal strategy for your business. We put your brand in front of the new audiences and build brand awareness campaigns using the world's leading platforms, including Google AdWords, Bing Ads, Yandex, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

With an integrated strategy, we can bring your brand to an outstanding position in digital media marketing.

Benefits of Receiving This Service from Our Company

  • Announcement of your brand in new markets
  • Increasing the awareness of your brand
  • Campaigns suitable for your target audience
  • A special and integrated digital approach
  • Flexible and low-cost services
  • Expert support

Incentive Programs Strategy

Don't get tired of dealing with incentives while managing your business

We ensure that the necessary support is provided for you by following the incentives given by the government to the exporting companies on behalf of you.

We follow the foreign trade and investment supports provided by the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and other institutions.

You can get back some of the money you spent before the export (including consultancy costs) with the incentive consultancy.

We are, on your behalf, tracking the supports provided for the branding of your product, advertisement supports, participation in fairs, etc.

Benefits of Receiving This Service from Our Company

  • Launching campaigns for your target audience
  • Flexible and low-cost services
  • Expert advice and strategic approach

Business to Business (B2B) Meeting

We bring the local companies that want to export and the importer company in the related country together.

We help to establish the communication process between the companies and help to realize the export process. On this occasion, we establish sustainable relationships and ensure the recognition and growth of brand values of companies.

After the market research and strategy, we visit countries for the target market and conduct one-on-one meetings with companies. Thus, we ensure that the local companies gain export experience and we establish trust and communication channels between the companies.

Benefits of Receiving This Service from Our Company

  • Sustainable relations
  • Experience
  • Reliability
  • Expansion of your area of expertise
  • Powerful communication channels
  • Get results in a short time

Quick Offer

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In the report to be prepared;
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- Options to market,
- Next steps will be determined.

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